A Little Slice of Heaven

by Paula Detwiller

Have you tried the fresh-baked treats from our new vendor, JC’s Daily Bread? Their motto is “A Taste of Heaven Without the Wait”—and judging by the customer reviews of their butter croissants, jalapeño & cheddar bread and butterscotch pecan bread on their website, that’s pretty accurate!

Fresh baked bread & croissants from JC's Daily Bread

Fresh baked bread & croissants from JC's Daily Bread

Who is this “JC”?

JC is Jon-Claude Stevens, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America who went on to bake for Club Med villages in Colorado, Florida and the Bahamas. He launched JC’s Daily Bread Gourmet Artisan Bakery with his parents about eight years ago, and today sells exclusively at greenmarkets throughout Florida.

One of JC’s popular loaves is called “Ode to Hippie.” It contains granola, mixed dry roasted nuts, raisins, cranberries, oatmeal, a touch of chocolate, and 100% natural hemp seeds. He regularly sells out of this, but you can pre-order it (and anything JC bakes) online. Your order will be set aside and waiting for you when you arrive at the Delray GreenMarket.

An Invitation to the Big Leagues

We’re especially impressed with a business proposal JC received at this year’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival. The corporate executive chef for Celebrity Cruise Lines asked him to supply bread and pastries for all 19 of their ships.

“This man is a classically trained baker in France,” JC said, “and he told me, ‘Nowhere in Europe have I tasted anything as good as your croissants.’”

JC is working to expand his Port St. Lucie bakery so he can accept the cruise line’s offer. He figures his production would increase fivefold—from using 5 tons of flour per week to using 25-30 tons!

For now, we’re just happy that JC can share a slice of heaven with us. His pastries and breads have been a great addition to the Delray GreenMarket!


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